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We support and advise companies, more particularly SMEs, according to their growth

Our wide experience allows us to answer the daily needs of companies regarding Consulting and Audit, Data security, Cloud Services, Storage, IT Infrastructure, Product sourcing, Support… with a maximum of ease and efficiency.
Our long experience in multiple environments is also a part of our DNA and therefore leads us to maintain rigour and sustainability in our work, and offer quality services in order to satisfy our customers.

Audit and Advice

Depending on the desired level of analysis, our teams produce a complete report of your hardware, your solutions and, more particularly, your entire IT infrastructure.

Beyond this audit phase, they are able to advise you and guide you to implement a high-performance infrastructure taking into account your technical, economic constrain as well as your future evolutions.


We have- partnerships with renowned publishers and computer manufacturers, our specialists take care of offering you high-end equipment adapted to your company.

IT Security

Given the significant rise in attacks and our strong experience in IT security, our systems engineers can guide you to the best defence tools, internally or through management consoles managed in the cloud. (Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Data Control, Network Visibility ...)


Our support is composed of a team of technicians specialized in many fields. They put their expertise at your disposal. Thanks to remote intervention technologies, we are able to ensure a -fast, economical and quality response.


After having studied your IT architecture, our systems engineers may have to direct you to an outsourcing of all or part of it in a secure data centre, on dedicated or shared servers. Our offer covers messaging systems, servers, backup of your data, supervision, etc...

Back up

Safeguarding data in a business environment is, without any doubt, a critical or even vital job: more than half of companies that experience significant data loss are in some cases forced to file for bankruptcy.

To prevent possible damage (human errors, theft, computer attacks, property damage...), we offer automated daily backups on internal servers or in encrypted and monitored data centre.


Due to a variety of factors, including complex hardware configurations or regulatory compliance requirements, some physical servers and workstations can’t be virtualized. Veeam, a powerful and secure platform, is designed to back up and restore your data wherever you want.

Exchange Cloud & Office 365

The Exchange Cloud solution allows you to access, from anywhere and very easily, your emails, contacts, calendars. This solution, fast and secured, is set up to avoid heavy and expensive investments in-house.

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