Kolibrys© ERP: Software Suite for SMEs 

G-Sys proposes a complete range of management software tailored to the reality of every specific Company…

Kolibrys© ERP is a unique environment offering all necessary tools required by a company to manage daily tasks while focusing on its key activities.

  • Simple, ergonomic and intuitive.
  • Modular and evolutive.
  • Customizable according to the company’s activities.
  • Available in several languages.

Kolibrys© ERP significantly reduces operating costs (TCOA) while improving the productivity and profitability of the company

Kolibrys© ERP Environment

Kolibrys© ERP manages every operational and functional process by integrating all features necessary for a company, such as: Order Processing, Stock Management and Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Management, Point Of Sales, Document Management, Mobility Management… all gathered in a shared, centralized environment.

This module is the engine of Kolibrys© ERP environment. Deployed in the Cloud or on site, it synchronizes the various modules of Kolibrys via a centralized and shared database. The module allows for the management and follow-up of all information exchanges on a daily basis and transmits essential data to the company in order to optimize its development process and centralize its strategy for all departments.

This module centralizes every process and business connection between the company and every stakeholder (customers, prospects, partners, suppliers…). This module manages every aspect of the CRM: the company’s sales force, contact profiles, Sales Action Management, Marketing campaigns, Statistics, Sales opportunities and proposals, customer loyalty,…

Used in Kolibrys© ERP environment and controlled on a PC/Laptop or tablet, this module behaves as a high level POS terminal. It allows for the management of: cash registers, pricing and discounts, Loyalty cards, Inventories, retail websites interfaces…

This modules manages email archives and history for every contact of your company without having to switch constantly between applications. Every e-mail is automatically indexed into Kolibrys© ERP environment. This process streamlines email searches and allows you to find the right information immediately and save time.

This module manages and organizes all documents for every contact of your company. Every business document (Proposals, Contracts, Orders, Deliveries, Reports, Interventions, Invoices…) is indexed and stored in Kolibrys© ERP. This process allows you to gain immediate access to every piece of information.

Essentially planned for logistics and supply chain activities on the supplier side, this module can be integrated as a complement to SCM CC, POS and SM modules.

Essentially planned for the activities of the logistics and the supply chains concerning the "supplier" part, this module can be integrated into complementarity of SCM CC, POS and SM modules.

Digitalization, indexation, file classification, versioning, storage, search engine features, document routing… every document process can be managed in Kolibrys© ERP environment. This module contributes to every process (Workflow) of the company whether it concerns collaboration, storage or information sharing.

This module manages delivery processes in Kolibrys© ERP environment, as well as the optimization of transport flows (Schedule, Real-Time Location), Expeditions, Statistics …

This module was designed for the management, processing and follow-up of company projects in Kolibrys© ERP environment. The objective is to allow the company to budget, plan, follow progress, control the costs, administrate many internal or external resources and to master the different stages in one or several projects. This module allows for the integration and recording of services, expense reporting and invoice management.

This module is the Artificial intelligence (AI) of Kolibrys© ERP. It analyses data, generates automatic reminders for each user of Kolibry, automatically creates orders based on their history, determines daily tasks for each contact…

This module allows the automatic and straightforward synchronisation of accounting operations generated by Kolibrys© ERP with many forms of Accounting Software, and vice versa.

G-Sys works closely with Easi Enterprise for its Adfinity© Accounting Software. In addition to standard features for general accounting and multi-companies, Adfinity © distinguishes itself thanks to its deep and complex cost accounting functionalities. Adfinity© is entirely interfaced and integrated into Kolibrys© ERP environment.

Mobility is a key factor of the digital transformation when it comes to gathering and delivering information. Users must be able to access information and company data everywhere, at any time and using any sort of device (Smartphone, Touch Pad, Web sites…). This module is designed to answer these strategic requirements and to be always in touch with Kolibrys© ERP.

This module manages inventory and stocks in real time and checks inputs and outputs into Kolibrys© ERP environment. It allows for valuation of goods and depreciation (if necessary)and calculation of the stocks book value. It also integrates the management of several barcode readers and the printing of bar codes. The objective is the optimization of volume to minimize cost without any risk of stock shortage.

Kolibrys© ERP adapts to every company’s business.

For us, understanding your business and knowledge of your daily tasks are paramount in order to provide you with the best services.

G-Sys analyses your needs and specificities, proposes modules and necessary functionalities, then integrates and customises Kolibrys ©ERP according to the needs of your company.

We have developed specific solutions for the following business sectors:


Trust / Financial Services




Law Office


Service Companies




Libraries / Press


Wholesalers / Retailers

We already work with SME’s based in Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany.

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